American Insurance Benefits was started by Yevgeniy “Eugene” Marchenko.

Eugene obtained his license in 2010 while working in the banking industry. After the decline of the economy in 2008 and countless conversations with folks about ways to keep their homes, Eugene realized it is time to focus on an industry that actually helps people.

After getting his license, his experience in helping folks with their health and life insurance needs led him to open his own brokerage. Now, representing a multitude of companies throughout the United States, his opinion is unbiased. His goal is to help individuals with their insurance needs and to find the right product that helps people in their specific situation.

Whether it’s Medicare Supplements, Life Insurance, or the ever-changing Health Insurance, American Insurance Benefits takes YOU out of the health insurance industry. Focus on what you do best and let us focus on your insurance needs.

If you need information on how Medicare Works and how to get started with the program, visit our blog here.